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R:.L:. Hiram 102

Mailing Address: Pos Chiquito 17-E EA:. of Aruba Website: http://www.hiram102.net Email adress: secretario102@granlogia.org.ve W.·. .M.·.   Br.·.  Erwin E. Lopez Cellular: +297-592-6150 E-mail: lopezerwin2000@gmail.com  Secr:. : Br.·.  Roger A. Liendo Cellular: +297-594-2644 E-mail: rogerliendo@gmail.com  Ord.·. Work.·. 1st and 3rd Thursday at 8:00PM


M.·. R.·. Gr.·. L.·. of the Republic of Venezuelafounded June 24, 1824 (VE)GrTemp Mas(Monumento Historico Nacional) Jesuitas a Maturin No. 5 Caracas 1010AVENEZUELA http://www.granlogia.org.ve M.·. R.·. Gr.·. M.·.   M.·. W.·. Br.·.  Juan Ubaldo Jimenez Silva GrSecr BrV Franklin Barboza Suarez gransecretario@granlogia.org.ve RespL “Hiram” No.102A:.&:. A:.S:.R:. Chartered August 27th, 1947 (VE)Operating under the Jurisdiction of the                                              M.·. R.·. Gr.·. L.·.  of the Republic of VenezuelaPos Chiquito 17E. Ea:. of Aruba. I

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